Love yourself.

What i don’t understand is,
Why girls were made to believe in fairy tales,
And guys were made to believe in superheroes?

For the sake of genders, we are categorized and framed into certain limitations.

A female can be a hero too,
A male gender might as well love lipsticks and barbies.

Society is quoted to have freedom,
Then who snatches our rights to decide what we like?

We cloud our minds with just one thought “but what will they think of me?”

We need to overcome our insecurities and wrong beliefs.

Live for yourself because you really can’t impress everyone.
Give up on every single person who makes you feel undeserving.

Be pragmatic and don’t believe in any of those standards framed by society.

Love yourself.


First love.

I saw him sitting on a leather couch,
Dressed in a tuxedo,

And just when our eyes met,
And his lips curved
My heart knew he was the one.

There was something about this man,
It was his kind heart,
Or the broken soul.
Something tied my body to his.

And next moment I was walking toward him,
His cologne reminded me of lavender and wine.

He held my hand and how my heart was pumping loud,
I could feel his breath against mine.

I wanted to stay in his arms forever,
And this feeling didn’t require words to be validated.

It’s been years and each morning,
With his every touch,
And each gaze,
My cheeks turn into a garden of red roses,
And I feel dewdrops on my skin,
This man turned me into a new human,
A soul possessed by love.


Sitting on the green shiny grass,
Playing with dew drops,
I hear chatters of the strangers around with rumble of heartbeats.

Their eyes narrate stories of evaded love and fear of tomorrow.
Blank faces and anxious hearts,
Waiting to be taken away far.
To the destination of new hopes.
Wearing burden of hate and defeat on the shoulders,
Legs trembling inside.
Still smiling and falling in love.

And I wonder if life is about holding on, being suspended between pain and serenity.

Or the inception of new dreams and zest.

The sacred Love.

Dated : the most beautiful Day.
A glimpse of her comparison☺
And she’s the moon surrounded by stars,
Whose constant illumination are like fighting wars.
And im an earthly kid,in love with that moon,
Though it may appear impossible, but she will be all mine later or soon.
Ur hidings are the wall where I bump my head each day,
Guessing what ur heart actually wanna say.
Someday my blood would surely dissolve the wall’s bricks,
For eternity,to let ur name in mine fix.
You are that ink to a writer’s pen,
To make his writings ideal for reader’s in lane.
You are the soothing sound of a musician’s note,
To let a person’s,heart over head,win vote.
You are Like the first showers of rain on a draughted ground,
The love of mud for those drops merrily bound.
In u,the lost magic of my life,I found,
When my mind with your thoughts gets surround.

You are like the new sprouting bud from a seed,
Whose single look gonna make farmer’s happiness feed.
Your presence gave a new flight to my imagination,
And ur togetherness someday will lead us to perfection.
Her name means ‘an enchanted vedic fire’
And for her, He gonna let ‘all world’s sacred love hire.
The fading spark in me is in need of u,
To rekindle the flame and enlighten our world a new.

Credits: Love.

Love is not easy.

The feeling of being in love changes everything around.
It is more like a fairy tale.

It feels wonderful to always have someone by your side you can count on.
The loyalty, trust, and care make love more beautiful.

You cannot really define love.
If it is all about freedom or it exists in caging the person forever in your heart.

You know love just happens.

In a fraction of seconds, you are drawn towards that one person.

And It can not really be defined how your brain stops thinking and every cell in your body pushes you toward that person.
Love is the feeling which makes us human.

The idea of being in love always fascinated me.
Until I was myself in love.

This love completely changed me as a person.
I felt better, happy!
And I knew I extremely loved this person.

And then one day you wake up to realize, there is no way you can live with the love of your life.
It shattered me, it shatters everyone.

And it hurts more when people are loyal towards their love.
And there are certain external reasons that restrain us from loving the person.

This feeling of Losing love changes something inside us drastically.
For months, I was clueless about the world, angry, crying!
I didn’t actually know whether to fight or just give it away.
One lost love, and it takes huge strength to love again.

When your body falls in love, the feeling fades.
When two souls are in love, that’s where the battle begins.

Blessed are those who live in the warmth of the person they love without any concessions.

“Love, a strength or a weakness.
Love, a light in the dark or the darkness itself.”


Unless the puppets don’t realize who control their strings,

The master will always win.

A Puppeteer always gave me a sense of master and slave concept.

I Loved puppet shows since childhood and I always used to wonder what if the puppets had ‘the life’ too!

The person holding strings of the puppet create an illusion of them being alive, he provides figurine with words, movements, and a hoax life but no heart.

What if we humans are puppets too, mastered by a deceiver who plays the tricks around giving us a life, some words and at the end leaving us heartless?

Holding our strings and controlling each and every move, a slight of push and pull leaving an immense pain all over.

What if the puppets could save their hearts?

What if they were not walking dead just breathing and not feeling.

What if we had no strings.

To All The captious people

Criticism to an extent is good and it can help a person improve if done in a positive direction.

But poking someone on their every move makes it bitter.

We all have criticized someone in our life. I had done that too but self-realization is super eminent.

We live in a world of competition.
People tend showdown others why? To feel better about themselves maybe.

If a girl looks pretty, compliment her and even if she looks a bit messy compliment her and boosts up her confidence.
And watch her smile graciously.

We cannot escape criticism, be it in our workplace or our home.
And honestly we cannot stop people from criticizing us, so what do we do?
Take a step, call somebody beautiful, call a guy handsome, praise your partner, admire efforts, Celebrate people’s success.

And dear judgmental hypocrites,

body shaming a person,

laughing at their failures,

peeking in people’s lives

All this may give you a period of relaxation but what are you critics doing for your own growth?

Self-growth is more important than downgrading others, it is way more rewarding than sitting and making opinions about people.

What makes you judge people and make them feel miserable?
Ask yourself!